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A-chieve Social Enterprises
“The right career path, the right life ahead"

A-chieve is a social enterprise on a mission to help students across Thailand discover the right path of learning and career development. We want to ensure all students are in the right path of growth, aligned with their experience and life values.

Our Partner

Change Fusion

ChangeFusion is an organization that grows social entrepreneurs for creative and sustainable change. We support and invest into social enterprises. The organization also helps strengthen the ecosystems of social enterprises in Thailand and in Asia through funding and connecting strategic partnerships across the region..

School of Change Makers

School of Change Makers is a space to exchange knowledge and creativity among social entrepreneurs that aspire to solve social issues through creativity and innovation. The organization is committed to providing incubation, counseling, tools, and all kinds of guidance needed for early stage social enterprises.


EM.PARTY is an establishment that seeks to preserve, promote, and challenge the culture of Thai society. The organization advocates for all culturally-sensitive issues in Thailand and ensures all issues are curated through the use of gamified exhibitions, social experiment, and interactive design.

Humaan Works

Humaan is a creative agency that utilizes visual design and digital communication to strengthen branding and identity among social organizations. Through consultancy and implementation of digital visioning, Humaan Works is able to help social programs accelerate and scale impact generation.


Cheewid is a direct-donation website that grows all social organizations and activities in Thailand. The organization provides strategic consultation to social organizations via data-driven insights and business intelligence, while advocating for lesser known organizations to have recognition.


Camphub is a platform that aggregates all student activities and workshops for young adults to learn and mature. The organization seeks to promote healthy livelihood and engagement among students, equipping them with the necessary skills and talents needed to conquer the digital age.